The Byfleet League


Snooker Season 2021/2

Premier DivisionSeptember 23, 2021Played: September 23, 2021
Chertsey SS & NR AVSunninghill Comrades A
1. Alan Harvey63301. Brad Parker
2. Alan Harvey64182. Brad Parker
3. Trevor Connors76773. Stan Bunker
4. Trevor Connors11474. Stan Bunker
5. Paul Morrison59665. Andrew Vernon
6. Paul Morrison36666. Andrew Vernon
Breaks 25 +RESULTBreaks 25 +
Alan Harvey: 29
Paul Morrison: 28
24Brad Parker: 27

Home Team Report:
After 18 months away it was lovely to finally get out on a Thursday evening again, the first game back through up the Sunninghill boys which is always a pleasure.
The draw was done and the Sunbury Storm was the out the traps for the home side against the “clicker” himself young Brad.
Brad was first in making 27 and looking very comfortable, however it was the peoples champion that was in fine fettle throughout, his response of 29 soon put him back in charge and he bossed the remainder of the frame to put the home side one up.
The second frame continued in the same vein with Harvey knocking in some delightful long balls and running away with it really, the welsh wizard looked like he’d never been away…2 zip
Next out the hat Connors v Bunker, the first frame was totally one sided with Bunker in control until he had a splash up with one red remaining, this proved the turning point, Connors laid a deadly snooker that Bunker couldn’t get out of, on failed attempt number four he left Connors a position to lay an even more evil snooker, Connors did exactly that, Bunker as much he tried failed again another 3 times however with a missed called Connors decided not to put it back anymore and attempt the pot, this was duly missed by a mile!
The frame came down to the colours, Connors potted an easy green, however missed a tricky brown with the rest, Bunker potted the brown however missed the blue and left it in the jaws of the black pocket , Connors potted the blue and just over did position on the pink, just needing the pink Connors potted the quarter ball pink only for the white ball to trickle into the yellow pocket, points now level, Bunker’s attempted but failed pot from in hand left Connors a straight forward pink, after potting the pink he left a medium range black to its own pocket, Connors missed and in turn left Bunker a sitter to the middle…2-1
The next frame was to put a finer point on it embarrassing from Connors, the balls that were missed where quite astonishing, Bunker himself not setting the world alight had nothing to beat and deservedly won a fragmented frame…2-2
Last up stand in player Paul Morrison for the home side against the very consistent Vernon, Paul helping out the Chertsey team due to Fraser being unavailable.
Vernon led throughout but Morrison was far from overawed in playing in the top flight for the first time, Vernon led by 21 points with one red left, Morrison potted the final red with the black and came perfect on the yellow, he duly slotted home the yellow, green, and brown, while potting the brown he left himself a tricky blue to the black pocket, however this was no obstacle for the staines massive ! he potted the blue and screwed back for the pink but in doing so got a little close to the object ball, again with no hesitation he potted the pink with the rest, however after checking the score he realised he was only seven in front and still required the black, he had no shot on the black therefore played safe, off that safety shot Vernon potted the shot on the night black to the green pocket to force a re-spot, Morrison won the toss and stuck his opponent in, after a couple of safety shots Morrison wobbled the black from distance to the yellow pocket, this left Vernon as possible double to the middle, he attempted the double but the black hit the jaw and ran safe, Morrison played safe but miss judged the around the angles safety and left the black over the green pocket, Vernon potted the unmissable black…3-2 to Sunny
In the final frame again Vernon led early, however as in the first Morrison dug in and put up a fight, however this time there was to be no excitement as the away man kept his man at arm’s length and won with a little in hand….4-2 Sunnyhill
Thanks to Paul for helping us out this evening, he almost got the better of a seasoned campaigner in Vernon and looked totally at home in the prem.

A long season ahead for Chertsey, more guest appearances will no doubt follow, but next week it's the return of the skipper and former world number 5 blowing the cobwebs off the cue….!!! one not to be missed.


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